Bilingual pre-school with a global mindset

With only 62 children, Futuraskolan International Pre-school Danderyd can combine the safety of a small, familiar world with a bilingual, global citizenship perspective.
With only 62 children, the pre-school can combine the safety of a small, familiar world with a bilingual, global citizenship perspective.
A globally connected world calls for international education, already at an early age. At Futuraskolan International Pre-school Danderyd, 62 kids are being served the most relevant learning tools to become future global citizens.  

Futuraskolan has become known for its prestigious flagship Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm, but the company also has six other schools and seven pre-schools – all bilingual and free of charge.

The international approach is a core element at all units. Brazilian-born Adriana Marx Norén moved to Sweden 25 years ago, and is currently overseeing three different pre-schools as principal – Skarpäng and Näsby Park in Täby, as well as Futuraskolan International Pre-school Danderyd, on Danderydsvägen 6. 

Adriana Marx Norén

Adriana Marx Norén

She is thrilled by the international atmosphere in the Danderyd pre-school. 

– We have children from all over the world, many diplomat families as well as parents working in multinational companies. The Swedish families welcome the global mindset as well. 

Strong core values

Futuraskolan’s three overarching values are Progressiveness, Energy and Respect. The respect value means embracing and celebrating different backgrounds, nationalities and religious beliefs. 

Adriana Marx Norén is particularly happy with the progressiveness of the pre-school in Danderyd. The pedagogical philosophy is not set in stone, but can rather be a mix of different approaches. 

We have children from all over the world, many diplomat families as well as parents working in multinational companies.

Adriana Marx Norén

– Everyone here wants what’s best for the children, and we always try to find the latest when it comes to learning methods. We follow the Swedish national curriculum, but also add the IPC, International Primary Curriculum. It’s a thematic approach that allows us to cluster different subjects according to context. 

The bilingual education also involves many benefits to the kids’ development, says Adriana Marx Norén. 

– Today, we know that children who speak two or three different languages actually use more brain cells and become quicker learners. It also helps them preparing to become global citizens.

The best tools available

ICT is important in the pre-school and all the teachers are certified by Apple.

The children get to use Skype in order to connect with other pre-schools, and already at the age of three, many can edit videos in iMovie, make images using picollages and use QR codes. AR cards “make the painted airplane fly”, and by using VR headsets the children can walk on the Great wall of China. 

Also when it comes to other subjects, the pre-school promotes the most efficient tools. To improve language, the children use Jolly Phonics to learn when playing around with phonetic sounds of letters, which has proven to be the best approach in a bilingual environment.

In math, Montessori is the predominant philosophy, allowing the kids to solve math problems and learn how to calculate, reason and compare. When it comes to arts and crafts, Adriana Marx Norén and her colleagues use the Reggio Emilia approach, and children have free access to a lot of materials that inspire their imagination.

– It’s fun to come to work! Teachers are very engaged and proud of what they do. After pre-school, our children are really prepared for a successful early school start – either in Sweden or in any other country in the world. I’m really impressed with them! 


Sustainable Kitchen Facilities

Working hard to find the right high quality produce and making the extra effort to work with distributors who represent the ethical values of Futuraskolan is a priority for us.

A great example of this is the pork meat and handmade sausages we buy from Svenska Gårdar. All of their meats come from farms prized for their animal welfare and the products are made without artificial additives. This is important to us when we choose our purveyors as we aim to serve our students warm and healthy meals that also represent our core values.

Following these guidelines and ambitions, we always make sure that we are representing our value ground and fulfilling our promise to the families in the school community by serving our students food that is:

Fresh: Never frozen, avoiding semi-finished products.

Swedish: Local produce, aiming for short transport and low CO2 footprint.

Seasonal: Produce in season are flavourful and sold at the best possible price.

Combining the wishes from our students in the Student Council (Elevråd) in the organization and adhering to the guidelines the authorities give us, we aim to prepare student friendly, healthy choices for a fine lunch experience.

You can find our menu here.

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